Celebrating the Spokane Region’s Class of 2020

At the start of the school year, no one could have predicted that the class of 2020 would be celebrating this special time in their lives as the world faces a global pandemic. 

While everyone has been affected to varying degrees, we recognize that this has been a unique disruption to special moments in the lives of these high school seniors that they pictured very differently just a few months ago. Occasions like graduation ceremonies, proms, and other events define the end of an academic era. The Class of 2020 is giving up some of these traditional celebrations and is also finding ways to creatively celebrate.

Your community is proud of you! We want you to know that we are celebrating your achievements and supporting your next steps. The Class of 2020 will always be remembered for overcoming adversity. 

In recognition of you, the Spokane region has come together to celebrate your graduation! To seniors across Spokane County....from Cheney to Liberty Lake, from Spokane Valley to Riverside and from Reardan to Freeman, the Spokane Class of 2020 campaign is for you!

A Message for Our Grads

Art Installations

As you are celebrating, come take some photos with the Spokane Class of 2020 displays and art installations. We hope you enjoy! #SpokaneClassof2020

Signal Box Art – A decorated utility box with the names of all the schools in the region with graduation seniors

Fence Art – Vinyl weaving through a fence with Spokane Class of 2020 sun

Skywalk Art – Painted windows of a downtown Spokane skywalk

Banners – Banners hanging from downtown streetlight poles

Billboards – Commercial billboards with messages to seniors – 22 total boards

High School Flag Display – High school flags or crests hanging from downtown streetlight poles

  • Post St. between Main and First Avenues

  • June 5 through the month of June

Building Lights – Downtown Spokane buildings lit with the Spokane Class of 2020 colors or logo

  • Wells Fargo, Nordstrom, Davenport Grand

  • June 5-15, with the exception of June 13

Pavilion Lights – Riverfront Park Pavilion lit with the Spokane Class of 2020 colors

  • Large Pavilion in the central part of Riverfront Park

  • June 5-6, June 9-12 and June 15

Letter to Regional High School Seniors